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Okay so for the past month I've been interested in investing. Been watching a lot of youtube videos, learning how shit in investing works and reading a lot of this sub which lots of you helped me understand. I think I'm ready to make my first investment strategy and start placing money this week (Obviously I'm still a noob but ya gotta start somewhere right)
I'm 25 years old living in europe (malta) still living with my parents planning on staying living in malta(Can save most of my money). With the aim of placing the money long term (30-40 years) Ratio 80% etf stocks - 20% etf bonds. I will be placing money either monthly or every 3 months I am no certain. And at the end of the year rebalance everything. The reason why I might place money every 3 months instead of every month is due to my broker charging a flat fee of 9 euro's if you don't invest 10,000 at one go(10,000 euros would be a whole years of work in my country) Anyways here are the etfs Il be buying.
40% - iShares Core MSCI World UCITS ETF
The reason why I decided to hedge half and expose half to forex risk of the MSCI World UCITS ETF is to
-Take advantage of buying cheaper since if the dollar where to lower I'd be buying more shares for the unhedged fund and vice versa.
The reason why I decided to put 20% in an international etf bond is to.
-In case of a stock crash I could sell of some of the bonds to rebalance my stock percentages basically giving me a 'discount price' on those etfs
-The reason I decided to hedge the currency of the etf bond in euro is due to bonds being primarily 'stable' while currency tends to be a bit volatile it didn't make much sense to me to have a bond in USD when I use euro. As currency would play a higher role in determining the price than the actual bond.
I tried to be as diverse as possible with minimal etfs, to reduce the difficulty of maintaining those percentages while reducing fees due to buying different etfs will give me that 9 euro fee every time.
So what do you guys think? Don't feel bad at dissing my strategy as I said I have 0 financial education and only been interested this past month. + I haven't invested yet so any eye opener would be perfect before going in.
So am I diverse enough? Should I add another etf or am I good like this?
Is there a better etf that could replace one I chose maybe?
Thanks for all that reply.
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